Force user sync without entering Softr?

I use an interface on airtable to create new users. How can I force the 2-way sync to run every time a new entry is created on airtable?

We have an established internal workflow on Airtable, and I am building something external facing with Softr. So I would rather let all my internal users remain on Airtable instead of changing the entire workflow and making everyone work on Softr.

Hi !
I think it was part of the latest release, wasn’t it ?
See this thread : Two-way user sync - #48 by Jakub

“Real time” is still not real time though. Explained in the documentation: Syncing users with a data source – Softr Help Docs

Technically speaking, syncing doesn’t always happen in real time. However, we’ve defined many syncing triggers to ensure your app always gets the latest user data when it actually needs it. A few examples:

  • When a user logs into an app.
  • When you publish new app changes.
  • When you visit the User tab.

They all require you to visit Softr in order to trigger a sync.


The release I’m talking about was on April, the 23rd. The documentation might not be updated yet.

Thanks @Claire yes, will update the documentation soon. This is part of the latest release.

@padro you don’t have to enter Softr anymore for your users to sync from Airtable.

Documentation is now updated to reflect that user sync works without entering Softr now → Syncing users with a data source – Softr Help Docs

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