Folders for Pages

This is a suggestion for the Studio interface itself - It would be really nice to be able to organize pages in folders. I’m not even suggesting that a folder would affect the pages nested architecture in the app itself, it would just be nice to be able to organize the pages panel. Given that the client portal is one of the most popular use cases, it would be helpful for any developer to be able to organize transactional views/pages for earlier reference etc.


I totally agree with this.
Common use case that will happen in the future: you click on a button, it opens a modal with just a form inside of it. Some apps may have 10 forms.
A folder “form pages” would make the work process easier.
Of course, it can apply to any specific pages group of an app

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Hey @bryan.stafford,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yeap, we have received this feature request from a number of users too and we have it in our list.

Indeed, this will make the working process easier as @matthieu_chateau mentioned.