Folder Structure block

My client has a “document library” with several folders and subfolders:

And they want to be able to navigate easily around the folder structure and download the documents in the folders.
A “Category1”, “Category2”… in Airtable would be used to create the folder structure and then, if there are documents inside (or elements, no need to be a document), a table can show the elements.

This feature would surely be useful, especially for companies that are still not so used to the new search-based navigation.


no traction? Nobody has portals with shared files that need to be structured by topic?

There’s no native block to do this; however, I have thought about the need for this as well and I think there are some workarounds.

I was thinking of just using a standard list-block to display a list of “categories”, which would be a column in a table of documents (so each document is classified into a category). Then when you click on the list block for the category (or folder in this case), it takes you to a page and displays a list of documents belonging to that category type (you can create a conditional filter to say only display files where category IS [category_name]).

I haven’t tried this yet personally but I’m pretty confident it would work, at lease until there is a native file/folder browser block.

Thanks a lot. I thought of a similar thing, but didn’t think of a list that takes you to a page. I’ll try to create that and report back on the results. But I think a native block would be very welcome, for sure.