Fixed header causes hero section to "jump" -- any thoughts?

Hey all! I ran into something new today, which is always fun! I have a fixed header on my site. Every time the page refreshes, the hero section loads right underneath the header with no margin, as if the header doesn’t exist at all. Then, as the page finishes loading, the hero section then “jumps” back down underneath the fixed header. Untoggling the “fixed header” option fixes the jump, but I’d really rather keep the header fixed. Here’s a short GIF showing what it looks like:

Hero Section Jump

I’m pretty there’s a simple CSS fix for this, but I’m having trouble figuring it out. Any ideas?

Hey @adalys,

Can you please share a URL for us to check? @Astghik can you please help?

Absolutely! Here you go. Thanks, @Suzie and @Astghik :slight_smile: