Fix the color picker

The color pick never contains my theme colors. This makes absolutely no sense once so ever. Place make the color picker customizable so can either be the worthless way that it is today with “recent colors” (being colors chosen by template pieces and not mine, why would I want those?!) OR my theme colors, plus secondary colors that I can set.

Honestly, just make the color picker manual and we have to set them all and I’d be 10x happier. Simple might be better here. My theme colors are never in my color picker. That’s very frustrating as a user to constantly be copy/pasting from other elements, or my theme settings!


I totally agree. Even worse with the new blocks (beta mode) where you don’t have any choice, you have to copy paste any color, again and again and again.

New beta blocks have a lot to improve… The padding between elements way too limited (when it exists…), the size choices that is now as low as in Glide (and for once it’s not a compliment), some colors are not applied, some paddings, even if existing, are not applied.


Limited support for dark themes on the new beta blocks as well, you can’t control all the elements so things like the load more button end up sticking out like a sore thumb.