First-time user / profile flow

My app is a platform where experts can get discovered by companies.

When they log in, the first thing I want them to do is update their profile (picture, bio, etc…)

I’m really struggling to find a user-friendly way to do this.

1.) I can have them land on their list-details page, but that often bugs out and just includes a bunch of blank information and ‘-’ dashes.

2.) I thought of using a form, but when I have the user complete the form and redirect to their profile page, it often isn’t updated in time (because of lag from softr>airtable>softr I assume

This feels like a no-brainer, given platforms like this are part of why people would want to use softr.

What’s the best flow for this?

Hello @gyerxa,

You can set a User Profile page, no need to use a form.

Please, check this documentation

You can allow your users viewing and editing their profiles with this block.


Worked through the same issues as you. The best way to go about this seems to be using the user profile block and customizing it to include the fields you need from your users. Updates instantly.

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