Finally upgrading my plan

Hi fam.

So i have this project I am working on and it needs me to get on a paid plan. As I was going through the pricing options, I was a bit taken aback and wondered if it work for me based on my budget.
Could you please help me understand what it means with the record per dynamic block? In my case, My DB is Airtable and I have data to is slightly less than 50k.

Hey @KilifiWebGuru, if you are using the Free plan, then, it means you can have up to 1000 rows/records per each of the used dynamic blocks in your app.

In your case, you need to have a Business plan to be able to display all your ~50k Airtable table records in a single block. Otherwise, you will need to have 50 blocks to be able to display all of them (in the case of the Free plan) or 2 blocks for the Professional plan.