Filters with global data restriction

Hello all! I have applied a global data restriction to one of my user groups. When I use a kanban or table or any dynamic block, the data restriction is honored, but the filters (tags) which sit on top of the data do not stick with the data restriction (they show all the options of that field). Is this due to the way filters (in the content tab) are populated (there’s an option to SYNC OPTIONS WITH DATA SOURCE, which pulls every option from the chosen field). Your help is appreciated!

I guess my question is, is there a way to filter the tags that show up in the ‘filter’ above a kanban, instead of it showing all options in a field? thank you

Hi @brokenglass can you give us more details about what fields (field types) you’re using for your filter tags?

Also, is it a linked field? Let us know when you can.

Hello, it is an email fieldtype but can also be text if necessary. it’s not a linked field. Thanks for your reply to my post.

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Hi @brokenglass I checked with my team and this should be working. Please contact support so they can help you further with your issue.

Thanks @Jjenglert. Unfortunately, this does not work. It seems that the filters/tags, are being populated in a different way, ignoring the data restrictions.

Please contact support to confirm the issue and find a solution.