Filters to show listings between two dates

I have many records in Airtable that show individual people and dates that they are working, over the last five years and into the future.

I’d like to create list-block (list-details or table even) filters in Softr so that a user can view any persons’ unique dates worked between date-periods of their choosing.

I can’t work out how to do this for a PERSON, FROM, TO … if anyone could give me some pointers for the approach, I’d really appreciate it.

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There’s no concept of a range filter in Softr yet, but they know it’s important and it is definitely on the list of feature requests. In the meantime I know that @SonNguyen has some great tips for how to fill in that gap, hopefully he can chime in with some good advice here!

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+1 for range filters

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Inline filters for ranges like dates, numbers, etc. are really needed


Following up. Very interested in filtering a date range

Hi friends:

I am waiting for it, the same as a field just to be signed for a client…

The unique way I found about “date range”, it is with Fillout, after submitting you have to choose a “Single line text” in Airtable, to split dates after that !!

Did you manage to filter a softr list by date range, using fillout forms? Can you please share a little bit more

@acjnas My example is just to collect a range of dates, that goes to Airtable, and in second step to Softr, so it is not gonna filter the information in Softr. It is the “Data Range” openned in a fillout form, separating it with RIGHT(Name,19) LEFT formula and splitting in an Airtable field, to use them in the Softr side. So really the capability of filtering is not at all.


Yeah a filter to check if a value falls within a range would be very usefully!

My use case would be an input for the user (like search bar currently) to enter number of participants and the filter showing records where the entered number is not higher than a “max” number specified in the record’s data.