Filtering with action button

First question here, sorry if not formed correctly.
I am trying to make a simple appointment tracking system for a barbershop.
There are below pages:

  • Upcoming appointment
  • Customer List
  • Add appointment
  • Add customer
    Mainly operating in Customer and Appointment tables.
    When listing the appointments I am only showing the customer name in addition to appointment date and time. I added a button to see further customer details (using the List with horizontal cards and visible button block) such as customer phone, address, remarks, etc.
    I want to show the details for that customer by filtering the results from the Customer tables in a modal window when the button is clicked.
    How can I use the fields in the list to send as a parameter using the action button? I want to send the customer name in the list for that specific record and filter the results using the customer name as filtering parameter.

Is the question clearly understandable., Am I missing some basics?
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Hey, what if you use a form block and add a hidden field setting to it to collect data from the specific list details block linked to the list block. This way, you an collect different data about the users.

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Hi Marine,
Thank you for the suggestion.
In that page (Appointments page) I have a list which shows the appointment details, Customer Name and a button named Customer Details. I already have these information it is not to add new data, just to access previously stored data.
It could be a form but can I populate the list items within the form, if yes I can use the form to send the customer information for the details page.

In the customer details page, I have several columns which do not need to repeat in the appointment list, that is why I want to open a single item when the user clicks the button to see details.
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Or in other words, can I embed the form into the “List with horizontal cards and visible button block”, that is what I would do for a PHP application, but here couldn’t find the way.

Hi Tan, in that case, why not use a List block <-> List details connection to pass specific information to the List Details block without passing any parameters to the action buttons? Moreover, you do not need to do it as when you press on a button to see more info about the specific record, the system will “understand” which record you want to open and will show the corresponding data in the newly opened window.

Here is a video tutorial about how to configure the app to show more details about a record via a List Details block:

Thank you Marine, the list details blog makes the trick partially.
Because as I understand from the video and as I try in the studio. The first block shows some columns of the list and in the list details you can show more columns (or select different columns) of the same table.
In the end you need to work on the same table.
We can’t make a relation between the appointments and customer table and when the row in appointments table (let’s say related to Customer 10) is clicked, we can’t go to the List Details page for Customer 10.
We should have all the necessary columns about Customer 10 also in the appointments table for each appointment.
Did I understand correctly?
If yes, I will combine both tables and move all the customer details to the appointments table also so I can view the details when selected.

Hey Tan, I think your described use case when the data is in different tables and you want to connect them in your app in Softr, can be achieved by using our Linked Lists feature.

Will it work for your use case?

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