Filtered Dropdown based on another field and users company

Hi there

I am trying to realize a use case, however I cannot find a way to do it.

The situation is as follows:
There is a user which is assigned to a company.
There are articles.
There is one or more configuration for one article per company.

I want to create a form in which there are two fields.
The form should be opened from a button on the article.
Field 1 is the article, which I will predefine using a hidden field.
Field 2 is a dropdown with all available configurations of the company filtered based on the article from field 1.

Is this possible?



@Mariam - do you have any idea?
Is there any way to filter dropdown list fields in a form?
→ only the configurations of the logged in users company should be available.
Currently only all records of a table are shown…


any update on this?

In any relational DB, this is actually a basic “need” of frontend apps… So I’m really blocked on this question/issue too.

How did you solve this? Any workaround?