Filter the filters

The filters need to have filter so you can filter what filters you show people… wow that is a lot of filters.

On the list blocks I have a use case where lots of managers from different companies are logging on and want to filter by staff. At the moment the filter can not be filtered so shows all staff in the application rather than filtered by only the logged in uses company staff as you can do on the list view it’s self.

I assume this a product request unless someone has a Airtable hack?



Hey softr team

I was told on chat that this was in the roadmap any idea where this will be implemented? This is a really issue for our users to be able to “self service” in the application I.e to be able to assign work to employees but they should only see (data protection) their own employees details in a drop-down while editing / adding a record with the filters as they stand you can not filter by matching company name

Hey Kien, indeed, we are planning to add the filter to the dropdown fields in the near future, so that it can work as the conditional filter in the dynamic blocks. Currently, there are some tech limitations which we need to overcome to be able to add it to Softr.

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