Filter Settings


I am trying to create a series of categories/tags using the Filter Settings feature on a list to look up cards in a list to a ‘linked to another record’ column in my Airtable.

So I’m attempting to use the linked records in my airtable to search all the titles from my sheet/tab.

I can’t seem to do it, am I completely missing something as this seems like such an obvious thing you should be able to do, and I just can’t seem to get it to work as the ‘linked to another record’ doesn’t appear and it wants me to manually type every record which is a) time consuming b) not sustainable as it changes reguarly

Dear @Sarah, only multi-/single-select Airtable column types are automatically added to the Inline filters as options. Unfortunately, in the case of all the other column types, you will need to manually add the options :frowning:

This is how our app is currently working, but we will consider your message as a suggestion to improve our Inline filters when planning further app updates!