Filter pulls partial match?

I’ve got a filter set up which pulls the options from a multi select field in airtable. But it’s not working as I’d expect.

Some of my records are categorized “Art” and others “Startup”

If I select “Art” on the filter in Softr preview, it also pulls up everything categorized with “Startup”. I assumed because it contains the word “art”.

I checked that the records it’s filtering aren’t categorized with both - they aren’t.

Why would it do this and how can I fix it?


Hey @pauldm,

Do you have a preview or public link where I can check this behaviour?

Is there a way to send messages privately. I’m not comfortable sharing to a public forum.

This is something I would love to see. Not only your studio setup but also your base setup, because this shouldn’t happen.

If you can’t share a sample page to evaluate the case, you better open a support ticket via chat in softr studio.

This is ok to share -

Use the category drop down and select Art. You can see that it brings up records with Startup.

Hello @pauldm,

Thanks for sharing. I am going to check it. Will get back to you once having an update.

@pauldm the fix for this will come next week.

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Hey @pauldm,

Just wanted to let you know that this issue has been fixed :slight_smile:

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