Filter problems with referenced tables

I currently have 4 tables

Proposals | Customer Data | Service 1 | Service 2

Proposed Table:
Offer | Customer Data Relationship + Customer Data Lookup “Name” | Service 1 Relationship + Service 1 Lookup “Service 1 Name” | Service 2 Relationship + Service 2 Lookup “Service 2 Name” | Service 2 Lookup “Service 2 Name”.

Customer Data Table:
Full Name | Email | Phone

Table Service 1
Service Name | Price

Service 2 Table
Service Name | Price

I am trying to show with 3 lists details all the data related to a Proposal.
(Customer data | Service 1 | Service 2)

The web flow would be:
My Proposals → (when accessing show a page with 3 lists, where to show the data of the 3 relations that point to the proposal)-> I get redirected to the details of the first part (example customer data).
The problem is that I can’t relate the rest of the items (Service 1 and Service 2) in 2 lists in the same page.

When I try to filter the list, I don’t get the relation with the table I want to relate.

I don’t understand because other times it does appear (attached picture).

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks friends!


Can you please mention which are the field types you are using to filter on Airtable?

Hi, can you try “is one of” instead of “is” as I can see that the field you refer to may have multiple items in it? Am I right?

Good morning Suzie,

It is at the bottom of the relation, where you can select → Logged in Users, where sometimes I can see the relation to another table to be able to apply the filter.

The field type is of type Relationship or Lookup.
What type of data does it have to be to appear in the lower part of the filter?

Thank you.
PS: In a few minutes I’ll upload a diagram of the structure tests I’m trying.

Good morning Matthieu,

I have tried changing that parameter, without success.

I’m trying to add the same number of “IDComparative”.
in all the tables that have to be associated to that user.

With the idea of being able to apply the filter without the need of having relations.

The user of the APP is going to have related proposals and all the cards that relate to the proposal, assign the same number of proposed as type number.

Currently I replicate my data structure from my CRM to synchronize with Airtable and to be able to show with Softr.

Attached is an image of the structure flow

Hello everyone!
@Suzie @matthieu_chateau

I still can’t solve the problem :frowning:

I don’t understand why sometimes I don’t get the option in the filter to apply the ratio at the bottom (attached image).
Filter problems

It is a relation field.

I don’t understand why in other tables it doesn’t give me the option to relate it with related elements.

What am I doing wrong? or how do these relation fields work in the filters?
Is there some kind of field or incompatibility?

Thank you.

Hey @RafaPG,

I will check the details and will keep you posted.

Me too, sorry I don’t have a lot of time right now, I will try to bring an answer before this weekend, If suzy doesn’t find the solution before!

@Suzie @matthieu_chateau
I have managed to solve the problem.

Thanks to the support team (Victoria in this case).

My problem was that in order to relate one list to another,

First I need to add a list EJ:
→ List with horizontal cards and visible button
This action redirects to a page with several lists:

→ List details pagi whit side image (with main data).
→ list with horizontal sliding card (secondary table data, related to the main table)

Doing this structure it does allow me to apply filters that refer to the main table.
Ex: “ID secondary table” is equal to “reference to main table ->ID secondary table”.

Thanks to both of you for your time.

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Ok! classic use case at the end, you will use it a lot I think.

Thank you for your udpate! That’s nice from you