Filter Comments By User

Hi there,

I have a comments block on my list details page which is linked to a data source. Is it possible to filter comments such that only the user’s comments are shown? Currently all comments from all users are being shown. I’ve tried applying the following conditional filters on the details page but (as expected) this was only applied to the list details block and not the comments

I can think of a solution where we create a new row in AirTable for each User x List-Detail-Item so each comment is linked to a user-specific list detail record, but this seems like a lot of redundant data.

Could there be a custom code solution which filters comments before showing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Harrison, creating separate comments blocks with custom user group visibility is inevitable If not having separate list detail per user with conditional filtering. I don’t think it will be possible to achieve with custom code either but I will definitely add this as a feature request

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