Filter-by-x not working

Can anybody tell me why when linking to an external URL using a filter such as:


the correct results are only achieved when the “List with vertical cards” lives on the home page. As soon as I move the same “List with vertical cards” to an independent page, it does not return the correct results.

Hi @acp73 can you please, provide a page link where you have your action button with that url and make sure to add the exact filter on the page url other than the Home page where you have your list block

Hi Maria.

On my site [] the home-header has menus (lighting, digitechs, analogue) with sub menus - these sub menus use the filters as mentioned.

Earlier I moved the “list with cards” off the home page onto a new page. As soon as the list is not on the home page, then the links with filters stop working.

I reverted the site back to how it was before, but I can change it again to show you if needs be.

ACTUALLY - if you look at HMC TEAM > Stylist Assistants - it uses the following filter:


However you can see clearly that it doe not return “Stylist Assistants”

Seems I had a real brain fart yesterday and woke up with a clear head today. I just realised that the URL in my menu links don’t call the table, but rather call a page, so all I had to do was to update the link contain the filter to call the page where the list lives.