Filter By in a List Block Wont Populate Option Values if Referencing a Lookup Field

Looking for some help - i recall this bug was possibly being fixed.

But I have a list and the filters in a Lookup Field I would like to “Filter By” - the “Options” would be ideally be pre-populated as they would be if selecting a non-lookup field.

The reason being is I want to be able to update my filter list in Airtable as my database grows without having to always add it manually to a Filter By / Options in the list block…

Help is greatly appreciated.


Hey @hvellani,

Currently if you connect the lookup fields to Inline Filters you will need to add the options manually. There is no way to autosync the lookup field.

But the good news is that the team is working on implementing this. Autosync will be available for the Inline filters soon, the supported fields will be single/multiselect and linked fields.

If everything goes as planned the option will be available within the coming 10 working days.


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