File size limit and file upload time out

Hi Softr, pls I have a form where my users upload attachments, mostly videos, I noticed that it works fine for average file sizes and file formats (mp4s mostly) but when the file size increases (100MB and above) the upload requests times out, also when I try to upload different file format mov’s it takes longer time, sometimes it does not upload at all. so pls is there a file size limit to the attachment field in the form, also what are the preferred file formats? pls treat this as URGENT

Hi @L360, please note that we have a limitation when uploading photos/videos/any other files in Studio and in the Live platform: when uploading an asset to any of the blocks in Softr Studio → the file size has a limitation of 64MB, whereas when your app users upload a file to a Form block in the published app, then the max file size is 128 MB. This is how our app works.

In your situation, it can be that the user files were larger than 128 Mb which caused the issue. Can you please check it on your end using ~100 Mb file?