File Renaming After Upload

I use Softr with Airtable as a client portal, providing particular data to individual applications/projects - however when I upload files via Softr (through an edit function in a list table of open projects) it then gets renamed when it arrives in airtable. This is not necessarily a huge problem but what it is doing is changing the file extension which then gets the file flagged by most email systems and blocks the automated email to the end user. Can anyone help me figure out how to either stop the file renaming process or at least stop the extension change?

Hi @HarwellXPS :wave: to be honest the tech team is aware of the file renaming issue and the corresponding improvements are in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, could you please elaborate more on the file extension you use? Is it designed to send files to the users?

If yes, would the Airtable’s send email automation help? Here is a help doc about it.

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Hi Victoria, thanks for your reply!

We are an experimental facility, and we record chemical data in the format .vms. When I upload this to a project entry via our softr portal the idea is it triggers an airtable automation and sends the data to the user along with associated metadata.

The problem is, the renaming seems to be converting the files into .zip format (or sometimes .bin). Zip files are blocked by a lot of organisations, which means the automated email gets blocked. Interestingly it doesn’t change the extension of PDFs, just our .vms files.

Sorry, I meant .rar, not .zip. Same problem though, blocked due to being a compression format.

Thanks for your response. Would you mind DM me the URL with the Form where you upload the file so I do some check-ups? I remember we had this kind of issue, but it was fixed long time ago.

We’re not doing it with a form because we’re adding a file to a pre-existing airtable record (that we want to easily select). It’s set so that internal staff members can upload datasets by setting an inbox block with visibility and edit rights for our usergroup only - so we can find the relevant project, edit the record and upload the file there.

@HarwellXPS Thanks for the clarification. To be honest, I’ve just tested on an inbox block, edited it and uploaded a rar/zip/pdf/jpeg files and everything was uploaded to Airtable as should be.
Is there a chance there is an available update for the inbox block you have? If yes, would you mind updating it, because we used to have this issue, but it was fixed.
If there is no update available or it doesn’t work, would you mind contacting me DM so I deep dive the app and see what might cause this behavior?

Hi @HarwellXPS :wave:
Long time to see :slight_smile: I would like to let you know that the issue regarding the VMS file upload is fixed. Please check it out on your end too and let me know how it goes.

I appreciate your patience, hope the timing didn’t cause any inconveniences to you.