Field Type Mapping & Validation for Dynamic Blocks

If I am adding new field items to a dynamic block, it feels like there are additional steps placed on the user.

First, I am presented with the Field Type. Given that the underlying field type is pre-determined in the data source, why would I be asked to identify a field type?

I would expect that first I would be presented with “Content” to choose the field.

Then, based off of the field I selected, Softr would present me with “Field Type” and only present valid options for that field. If there is only one valid option, I wouldn’t even be presented with options, it would just default to the correct one.

Today it feels very backwards. I could choose a field type of Text, select a content of Amount from the data source, and it’s not until I’m on the frontend that I get an error telling me there is a mismatch.

Fixing this could shave huge chunks of time on any Softr implementation.


We have had this convo in the team. I will check to see where we stand with improvements here…

+1, I agree.