Field Formatting on Front End

With the addition of more data sources, I think this issue becomes more important:

In Hubspot, for example, there is a currency property where when I store data, it is rendered to the page with the proper formatting, i.e. $3,000,000.

When the data is retrieved via the API, Softr presumably receives 3000000.

Softr renders the number as 3000000, which looks pretty terrible when working with financial data.

Some systems allow for easy manipulation to create a formula to concatenate the $ and render the number as a string in order to pass the data on to Softr this way.

But most applications store the data in the DB one way and might display it to the user in another way.

Are there plans to have more display options for field data in Softr? This seems like a responsibility of the frontend (in this case Softr) not the backend database that the data is being retrieved from.

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@automationhelpers great one, we have discussed this internally too, and we most probably will take one of the following routes… introduce app level formatting options including timezone and so or for a quick one rely on browser configs to do number formatting…

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