Fetch request from softr custom code that contains logged in user's email

Hi Team -

I am fetching data from a separate API that I am displaying in a softr custom code block.

The data needs to match that of specific logged in users.

Is there a way to send a fetch function from a custom code block that detects the logged in user’s email?

I think @dcolletta this is similar to your postlastseen example?

How did the logged in user email parameter work exactly?

Ty for any help!

did you figure this out? I am working on something similar rn. So if you or I find out I’ll be sure to lyk.

Hi @Cody - sorry for slow reply. I’ve finally done this, but by avoiding what I was trying to do before.

Previously I was storing info sent via POST request from a Softr form and then displaying it using custom code. This was not working because I had to find a way to make sure I displayed what had been asked by the right user.

So the solution I found was to ditch the form block and just do it all in a custom code block. That way I can take a response and display the answer more easily.

Hope that is helpful…!