[FEATURE IDEA] "Class" concept for quick styling / Styling presets

Hi guys,

I would be SUPER helpful to have the no-code version of HTML/CSS classes for styling purposes. I’ve been using Softr every day for a few weeks now and I realized I spent a lot of time applying styles in different pages for consistency. A few times I even realized I needed to change a component I used a lot an had to go through every page and re-style it.

If I were part of your product team, I would implement it this way:

  • In the Theme tab, you’d have the general settings (as it is now) and the presets / classes.
  • To setup a preset, you should choose the component type (button, title, content, etc) and then style it. For example you could set up how a main CTA button looks like, and the same for a secondary CTA.
  • When creating a block, you can choose the preset for each component in it from the “brush” menus (title, buttons, etc). For each element, you can either apply an existing style preset or set up specific style for this component.
  • Updating the presets / classes affect every component that have them applied.


Hey @funkycoldmedina, thank you for your feedback and the suggestion!

We are planning to improve our blocks to offer more customization tools later this year. I will add your message also to our feature requests list to consider when planning further app updates.

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