Favicon doesn’t show in Google Ads

Google Ads doesn’t seem to pick up the favicon, and the same holds for the Chrome Browser Home Screen that displays frequently visited pages.

Assuming this needs to be resolved on the Softr end? It would definitely help improve click-through rates.

Hey @irestmycase,

Will need to do a few checkups, will keep you posted once having an update.

Thanks, Suzie!

Hi @Suzie , curious to learn if the cause has been identified?

@irestmycase have you tried to contact them ? How can I change the favicon that shows up on my Google Ads? - Google Ads Community

Can you share yours so we can see your favicon is alright ?

Apologies for the late response, I spoke to my account manager at Google earlier today and he will look into it. Having said this, at the moment none of the search ads have a favicon, so it might be an experimental feature indeed. Stay tuned for the next update…

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Thanks for the update @irestmycase :slight_smile: