Failure To Get Records

Im just experimenting with the google sheet integration. Created a table block to pull some data from a sheet. There should be no permissions issue as its set to “anyone with a link” access under my google account.

Just getting a “Failure to get records” message when I try to load the demo page. Im on a free account mind you, so im not sure if thats the cause. Its updating the fields correctly within the studio backend, but the front end demo just has the default table block data.

@Listwrapper can you pls share a link to check ?

Also is there a chance you have special chars in the column names? lately we had issue with . in column names.

Hit nail on head it seems. I had a column with .class and another with a - in it. Removed both and its working! Cheers. I can work around the special character issue.

I’m consistently seeing “Something went wrong! Failed to get records.” this morning, and dummy data in the table, on the rendered page. I don’t have any special characters in the column names, and this was working previously.

@artur this is on the rendered page this time, not in the studio. It’s the page I previously DM’ed you about.

Seeing a 500 error coming back from the data request.

@dcoletta fixed :slight_smile: @Listwrapper now . should also work.

Confirmed fixed.