Examples and data related to in house solutions vs buying platforms

On the 5th, I’ll be leading a workshop for leaders of international schools. The focus is on developing in-house applications, particularly using platforms like Airtable and Softr, to enhance school operations. I’m reaching out to gather insights on best practices from outside the education sector.

Could you share any resources or case studies of companies that have successfully utilized Airtable and Softr to streamline their operations? Examples where these tools have enabled organizations to concentrate more effectively on crucial aspects of their mission, rather than being bogged down by operational inefficiencies, would be extremely valuable. Insights into how these platforms have been adapted to meet specific operational needs, rather than relying on generic, ill-fitting solutions, would be particularly beneficial for my presentation.

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated and incredibly helpful in enriching the workshop. Thank you!

Hi @Pascal you can find numerous case studies here If that somehow helps