Everything is basically built for creating a dynamic blog, isn't it?

We have dynamic lists, isn’t it possible to make “dynamic images” and “dynamic text”? What I mean is, why not just make containers for each blog part instead of requiring the whole blog to be a part of a singular dynamic list. This way users can specify where they want certain columns to be easier.
Ex: I want to make a blog about the weather.
Dynamic Title → Airtable row 1 column 1
Dynamic Intro Image → Airtable row 1 column 2
Dynamic Intro → Airtable row 1 column 3
Dynamic 4 Day Weather Forecast Cards - Select the Airtable Location image and text for each card on an individual basis
Dynamic Body → Airtable row 1 column 4

I don’t know if I am explaining it right… I just believe that you guys have the components built and some blog-like features are already possible if the dynamic components are broken into pieces (Albeit still somewhat hacky and not extremely intuitive).

Pretty please, with sugar on top, build the dynamic blog features soon haha

I’ve seen the various attempts at creating dynamic blogs on softr already. All of them feel way too hacky.

Regardless, I still love softr. But I do feel like I will have to build a static blog for now.

What you’re suggesting makes sense, but part of the challenge here is that “blog” means different things to different people.

I know that for most folks “blog” means “a bunch of articles listed in reverse chronological order”.

To me, there’s more. A blog needs to also:

  • allow the author to post from the blog authoring tool of their choice, and there are lots of great ones out there
  • allow the reader to read from the blog reading tool of their choice, and again there are many great ones

The technology that permits this to work is called RSS, so a blog has to be able to automatically generate an RSS feed.

I guess what I mean is blog in the simplest sense. Currently it is basically impossible to produce a decent simple blog with the given components. For example, a blog may contain a table of contents, although there are components that can be messed with to create a table of contents, it is still pretty difficult (If using static components). It just seems like something very basic to have. There are a couple situations when I have questioned why certain components or features are not available out of the box. For example, more customizability between the separation of cards.

I am coming from wordpress/elementor; although more difficult to use, there should be a point where ease of use and customization intersect. I really think Softr can get there.

I’ve noticed you are very active in the community, have you heard any word about Softr implementing a component (block) library produced by users (Bubble and Wordpress have addons)? I think that is what Softr is missing, it needs to better utilize the power of the community.

It would be amazing to have a craft your own block option with the ability to share it with others.

I agree! A marketplace of user-created blocks would be amazing. I know this idea is on the Softr roadmap (“Template Marketplace”) but I don’t know where it sits in the priority. I’ll be lining up to make them.

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