Everything disappers after inserting any custom code block

Hello Softr community,

I have searched every corner of the internet to try to understand what is going on with an issue I’m experiencing. Whenever I put a custom code block anywhere on my website and put any simple embed code in there, the rest of my website seems to randomly disappear. I have to refresh the page multiple times before everything appears again.

I have a very simple page called “Log Time”. On this page there is one custom code block and one list block. Inside of the custom code block I embedded a jotform. When I go to my website and navigate to the “Log Time” page 90% of the time the only thing that loads is the JotForm and NOTHING ELSE - not even the main navigation at the top of the page. I have to refresh the page multiple times before everything appears as it should.

I have tried embedding different things: jotform, typeform, and other types of embeds. It didnt help. I have tried opening a completely new Softr account, didnt help. I tried from different computers, didnt help. Im not sure what else to do.

I searched through all of the documentation, and reviewed the community issues and discussions and cannot find anyone else with this problem, however the issue persists. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

In this screenshot the main navigation is gone and there are no other blocks visible:

This is what this same page looks like in the studio:

This is what the website looks like after I refresh the page a million times:

Were you able to resolve this. I faced this issue too. Resolved it by making sure the code did not have any open tags.

@OFI and @meenal.malhotra, if you insert a broken code into a page, it could affect the content on the page and make it blank too. It’s important to check the code inserted via custom code.