Error editing Percent Field types in New Table Block

After updating the New Table Block to reflect recent update, we have encountered a problem when editing Percent Fields (data source = Airtable) in a Softr Edit Form.

The percent amount displays correctly in the table (eg. 100%)

But in the Edit Form (using Edit Record action), the data displays as a number (e.g. 1). The % is shown though, making it very confusing for users.

When submitting the Edit Form, the number 1 is saved in the above example, passing through to Airtable as the number 1 and saved as 1% (not 100%).

Even if the Percent Field is not modified by the user, the percent field in Airtable is updated incorrectly upon Softr Edit Record form submission.

I checked an existing Table Block which has NOT been updated for new features released, and confirm the edit process was working as expected. 100% was shown in the Edit Form, for example.

But after updating the Table Block, the behaviour changes and is incorrect.

Please help as this is causing a lot of data error.

We need the Airtable field to be a Percent field and therefore need Softr Edit Record process to correctly edit percent fields.

(Or if it’s our configuration, please advise. But I have double checked everything)

Hi @AndrewJ thank you for reporting. I’ve already shared it with the engineering team

Hi @AndrewJ the issue is fixed now

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