Error 404 urls redirection

Hello everyone, I hope the Softr community can help me. It’s been two days since I devoted all my efforts to being able to redirect two pages of my site. Fortunately for the technical part I relied on ChatGPT but each time I click on the specific link which should lead to the page in question while keeping the address of my site on the address bar, it gives me 'takes you to a Softr 404 page.

I will try to explain to you.

  • I have a site whose domain was purchased from ionos.
    It works very well.

  • I created two buttons:
    1 - which brings a chatbot deployed on Railway
    2 - to the donation page (bymeacoffee)

I would like that when the user clicks on one of the buttons he is taken to the page in question but that in the address bar permanently there is not the address of my chatbot but my adresse of website

(I already know that for buymeacoffee it will be complicated to modify the address bar (possibility with ngynx but too complex) so no problem.)

I used Caddy itself deployed on Railway. I configured it according to the documentation.
I used cloudflare to reverse proxy only for this action. Everything else is managed through my domain provider ionos.

I am certain of the programming carried out (DNS, CNAME etc.) which I have checked a hundred times and carried out step by step with ChatGPT and verified. I carried out tests online but also using Terminal.

Each time the same result the correct address is displayed on the bar but the content is that of the Softr 404 landing page.

I read on the internet that the Softr teams could intervene for this, I really hope but I am also counting on the community to help me.

Thank you again in advance for your help, don’t hesitate if you have any questions.

Can you share a video demo perhaps of the flow that results into 404 ?

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

I could not load the video but I will describe it to you.

In fact, I have two links:

  • one for the chatbot
  • one for a buymeacoffee donation page

The two links when I insert it in the address bar work perfectly.

but when I put them in the action buttons created on my site that I then publish then when we click on the button supposed to lead to this destination page I have the 404 softr page that is displayed.

Can we see that page and try to click ?

Off course
here is the site

you click on the button “Salam, je suis consol’IA”

and what’s the link that works when opened directly ?

Yes no probleme for example for an another action button

If you click on " FAIRE UN DON" (in the middle of the page) you should arrive here (you can test on the browser bar it works) but instead we land on page 404

@subsportbot i tried to look into this for you as well but it appears like your website is down / domain is not connected correctly?

I am currently doing some manipulations

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still facing the same problem… :smiling_face_with_tear:
I spent the day without success :exploding_head:

Those links work for me now! They redirect me outside of softr to the intended designations.

really? can you make me a screenshot? where is he directing you?

The links you listed above!

yes but I wanted the address in the bar to be that of my domain the link works if we put the direct link but by configuring to keep the domain address it leads to a 404

See adress

This could indicate a more specific issue with the hosted application (e.g. incorrect paths or backend server configuration).

Do you have the possibility to check this?

Oh, I see. My first thought is that you need to create that page in Softr, cause at the moment, even though you may have created the domain via redirects, the page does not exist in Softr, thus the 404 error code.

This is a very specific use case though. Support would have to help you further if you need to dive deeper into it.

I have already created both pages. I asked the support via chat but I feel like they didn’t understand :roll_eyes:what I wanted to do that’s why I posted here I knew that in this community there were experts :facepunch:

All redirects are compliant I checked everything. I really think that this cannot be achieved without the action of Softr support

1- ensure that Softr supports redirects to specific subpages or URLs.
2 - that redirects to subpages or external services are properly supported.