Entry duplications everytime I delete an entry

Hi all, I tried to find an answer to this but I can’t seem to find one. I have a few user duplications on both airtable and softr users - thing is it’s only affecting a few of them. I tried to delete from Airtable side and also tried to do it from softr’s side too but they don’t seem to do anything but creating duplicates!

Here’s the catch - the duplicates generate a new record_ID too even though the other entries are the same (email address, for example). This is what it looks like (one of the examples, i blurred out the rest of the entries for privacy reasons)

Right now this isn’t a huge problem necessarily but it’s just really messy. I have a lot of test emails there that are just duds :frowning:

It’s because you have connected the same users table into multiple apps and apps are doing 2 way sync so one app deletes the user another one puts back