Energy Industry consultant

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Softr for a couple of years now and thought it was time to introduce myself. I’m a consultant located in the Northeastern US, specializing in Petroleum, Energy, and Industrial Real Estate Development, with a focus on regulatory compliance management. I deal in petroleum/petrochemical refineries, large petroleum storage facilities, pipelines, power plants, and the demolition/redevelopment of such properties.

My journey into electronic data collection and relational databases began many years ago (around 2012) as a necessity to manage my own overwhelming workload. In my experience, companies would pay for large cookie cutter programs and only use a small (confusing) percentage of that program, or ask developers to build custom applications for highly technical situations that led to very expensive programs that just didn’t meet expectations. Now, using products such as Airtable and Softr, I can use my industry expertise to create custom applications that precisely address the requirements of my projects.

While there are limitations with Softr that can be frustrating, the platform continues to evolve and improve. It’s a amazing product, and I appreciate the hard work of everyone involved. Thank you!

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Thanks for taking the time to drop a nice note to us all! Welcome to the community @kmcquait !!

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