Enable user to duplicate an entry

I created a form where the user can create a new row in Airtable. On the front-end the user can see all his own created entries in a table.

I would like to allow the user to duplicate an entry in the table. In best case there will be a “Duplicate” button on the entry. I’m looking for a way to implement it. Please share your ideas :slight_smile:

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I have achieved this using an Airtable automation.

Add a checkbox field to your table and label it “create duplicate”, or similar. Show this field in your Softr app. in the block where the relevant records will appear. Set the edit permissions to allow it to be (un)ticked by the user(s) you want to allow.

In Airtable, create an automation triggered by this checkbox being checked. My automation creates a duplicate of the record and then resets the checkbox to unticked (so that it can be reused for the same record, if you need it to be)


That worked fine! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I think an Action Button could also do this too.

I will be experimenting this week and will update here.

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I just realized that because I reset the checkbox to be unticked again, it creates two duplicates. Do you use a custom script to delete the second duplicate?

The best solution would be that the user needs to click only once on an action button and then the record would be deleted. But the action button opens a popup. So please let me know if you have a solution for it.

If the Automation is triggered by “record enters a view” and the view is conditional on the check box being ticked, try making the first operation of the automation to clear the checkbox before the second operation duplicates the record.

Oh yes thanks. That gives sense. I had the wrong trigger type. Thanks for your help

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