Empty fields when Updating Record

Hello everybody,
I wanted to ask you about the Update record buttons. When I want to update a record in my database, I have some single select and date fields. I wanted to know if in case this field has information and I want to delete it, it would be possible, since I have tried to do it without success. Example: I want to delete the entry date of a product and in the form it appears like this:

without option to leave that field blank.
In case it is possible to do this, I hope someone can help me!
In case it is not possible to do this, it would be a wonderful utility for my App!
Thank you very much to all of you and of course to the Softr team. :heart:
Kind regards

Hi @laurasalgueroo, currently it is not possible to reset chosen date or dropdown option(when multiple selections is off) however, I will go ahead and add this as a feature request to our improvements list :blush:

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