Embed APIs like Retool

hello community

I want to kindly ask if there is any, who have tried APIs embed on softr, http://retool.com/ to be precise.

Thank you

Can you say a little more about what you are hoping to accomplish?

knowing that Retool is a low-code platform that allows you to build internal tools and applications using pre-built components and integrations with various APIs, including project management tools

i want to embed Retool project management tools in my website, allowing tables, articles and the likes

OK, makes sense.

In general, you can embed anything in Softr, as long as all you are doing is inserting JavaScript, CSS, or HTML into a custom code block. Where things get dicey is if you also need to do something on the server side. Since you can’t do anything in the Softr server, a tool that requires a server-side bit of code will require you to also use something like Make.

I took a look at the Retool embed docs. It’s hard to tell from the docs whether they need something on the server, or whether you are just adding JS/CSS/HTML to Softr. I would suggest reading that page more closely.

Also, their docs say that they only support embedding when you are self-hosting Retool, so unless you are planning on self-hosting, I think the answer is no you can’t do it.

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Oh, one more problem: their docs say that you must “Host Retool on the same top-level domain as the parent application.” That’s not possible with Softr, as Softr needs to control the top level domain.

Wow… that’s a lot of demand from retool… okay is there a suggestion of a workable APIs that can be used such which has ability to embed project management tools; article note taking, tables, charts and all. That’s will very helpful

i got this via chatGPT any confirmation to this effectiveness

ChatGPT makes stuff up all the time. The technical term is “hallucination.” References: Wired, Medium.

It’s certainly possible that these APIs can be integrated with Softr, but I haven’t heard of any of those APIs actually being integrated (except for Airtable obviously).

Trello seems worth looking into.

I checked trello i haven’t seen any feasibility of it to what i intend to acheive…

aside office365 from Microsoft but will need its embed code to be inputted in the custom code block on softr

Are you sure that embedding is the way to go?

The other way to do this is to link to the other services instead of trying to embed them, and set up single sign-on across all of them so that your users only have to sign in once.

Can you explain the more?

OK, let’s take a step back. Here are a few questions that will help me get a sense of what you need.

  1. Have you built an app with Softr yet?
  2. If you have, which pricing plan are you on? Which one do you eventually anticipate needing?
  3. Have you ever embedded anything into Softr using a custom code block?
  1. Yes
  2. Professional
  3. yes

OK then probably single-sign-on is not an option - it’s only available on enterprise plans. More info.

I do think Trello is worth further investigation. Here are their docs on embedding.

thanks @dcoletta