Embed a simple Video/Audio Recorder?

Hello! This is my first app project ever, so I’m definitely starting from scratch. I think what I want to do is pretty simple, but I’m a noob, so nothing for me is easy at this stage!

The app I’m building is educational in nature, so there are lots of pre-recorded lecture videos in it. But there’s one part where I’d like to have one of my pre-recorded video clips on, say, the left side of the screen, and then a window on the right side that allows the user to record and playback their own video. There’s no AI or data extraction component - I just want a user to be able to watch our stock clip, and then record their own clip so they can view them side by side. They do not need to play simultaneously. And when the user leaves the page, the user-recorded video will automatically delete itself.

Any help is much appreciated!!