Email Capture Pop-up using Mailerlite

Hi Community - I’m having trouble setting up (embedding) a Mailerlite Pop Up on my softr application. ( I’ve used a custom code block and dropped in the javascript code from my Mailterlite pop up that I created, but it is not working. Can you help?

This is the only other article on community that I can see and it’s not helpful:

I’ve already connected my mailterlite to my CTA block at the footer of my website, but I want a pop up to capture emails, too.

Anyone else having this issue / need this feature to work in their soft app?


Not sure how is the setup you have for this task, but I would try to get the code from mailerlite to display the signup form in the body of the page and not as a popup.

Then make a new page called ‘popup’ and paste this mailerlite code in a custom code block.

And lastly, in the main page, I will make use of any softr block that will let me open a link as modal and point this link to the page where I added the maler lite code which in this example would be the ‘popup’ page.

If the above doesn’t work, check out this info to display a popup form on softr (from another party) and see if you can grab anything of value for your usecase:

Hi thanks for the response! The thing is that I want a Pop Up, not just a block with a sign up. Are you saying you think I can have a Pop up by doing what you suggest?

Look for the definition of modal vs popup, in many cases they work pretty much the same, but they do have their differences. If modal works for you, then you can follow my suggestion.

@kelly do you have a page where you added Mailerlite code into page settings custom code header and footer ? Also have you asked mailerlite support to check why it’s not showing up ? It should be as simple as adding the code into page settings header or footer