Editing permissions for each logged user


I have a portal where logged users can upload products, the products in the Airtable table are linked to the users.
The users table is in Airtable.
My question is, how can I enable each user to edit only their own products?
Because in the documentation I only see that editing permissions are assigned to user groups.

Thanks for any help.

What you need to consider for your users with editing permission, is that they should only access records associated with them, and this is not yet defined via softr permission groups, but rather when adding dynamic blocks you can make use of conditional filters to show and hide records based on specific criteria.


Inside Softr Studio settings , you can use the edit permissions with the logged in users group and disable “all records” within the “record level permissions”. Set the right conditional filter to let each user edit their own products. If help needed, you can ask (A screenshot of your link between products table and users table will be necessary)

This works if you want your users to see all the items, even those who don’t belong to them (which is a possible use case). If you don’t want this => comment above!

Here is an example