Editing Duration Fields

Has anybody figured out how to permit editing of the field type ‘Duration’ in airtable? No matter what I try I cannot get it to show up.

I don’t think editing the duration field is currently supported by Softr. You can check out the supported and not supported field types here: Edit Permission - Softr Docs

Duration is listed as “coming soon” at the bottom of the supported listed.


Hi, as Derek highlighted, the “Duration” field is not currently supported by Softr. We are planning to add it to the edit permissions, however, we are not able to give you any concrete dates.

You can use the “Date” field instead, if it fits your use case.

We keep track of how many hours each application uses, so don’t think dates will work. Look forward to any progress on this, many thanks.


Hey @HarwellXPS,

Noted, I will post once the option is supported :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Did you succeed on making work something for your use case?

Dates would work if you use formula fields in Airtable (formulas that would create the duration).

Kind of a little complicated but it should work. Though, the user experience won’t be 100% neat


Thanks Matthieu, yes I see what you mean, we could implement this in the meantime. Thanks for the suggestion! :smiling_face: