Edit user profile image

Dear all,

I have a question about user profile images.

I am trying to change the user profile image to a picture using the ‘user profile’ block in the user account form, but the change is not working.
I clicked the ‘update profile’ button, and a part of the existing nickname is displayed on the profile image. Please tell me how to solve it.

url : https://granville554.softr.app/

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @SeungMin :wave:
Is there a chance the header block has an available update? If yes, would you mind updating it, it might solve the issue.
If after the header’s update, the issue still persist, would you mind letting me know if the User Tab is connected to Airtable?
If yes, is the Avatar field also mapped to Airtable field? Would you mind sharing some screenshots of the connection in DM so I do some check-ups in my end?