Edit User is not displaying proper data on submission

Hello everyone,
Here is the bug:

The home page has elements which only ‘onboarded users’ can see.
This aforementioned group of users is a ‘user group’ in softr with the filter on an airtable line ‘user onboarded?’ set to TRUE.

The home page also has an ‘edit profile’ element which only ‘non-onboarded users’ can see. This group of users is a softr group of users with the filter ‘user onboarded?’ set to FALSE.

The element for ‘edit profile’ contains form fields which, when filled out, updates the airtable formula field ‘user onboarded?’ to TRUE.

When the user submits this form and thus editing their profile, the user is stuck looking at the form, because the page does not refresh when ‘user onboarded?’ formula field becomes TRUE, thus changing their user group and thus allowing them to hide / view other blocks as per their user permissions.

This is a fatal bug in the user onboarding process.