Edit record in Table block ("Link to another record" in Airtable)

I’m having trouble when editing records in a Table block that connects to an Airtable “Linked” field. There are many (~1,000) choices to link to. The Softr editing seems a bit buggy.

  1. Drop-down list of choices available to me when editing record in Softr is apparently random subset of full set of choices in linked table in Airtable

  2. Area to view/edit existing entries (linked records) when editing record in Softr sometimes disappears

  3. Sometimes when I add a new linked record, it replaces existing linked records rather than adding to the list

  4. Existing entries (linked records) when editing record in Softr are sometimes abbreviated, sometimes not (e.g., if linked record is “Jane Smith 456”, sometimes Softr just lists “jane”).

Issues 1-3 seem related to scrolling within the Edit Record interface and seem to resolve when I “cancel” out of the edits and refresh the page.

Hey @paulk1,

Can I please ask you to DM a magic link for us to test and see the issue? Also, please send the page URL.

Thanks in advance.

About issue 1.
Is a solution/fix planned for this?

The fact that we can’t limit the options open to a user when he/she has editing permissions for a linked record field that should have restricted options, is a bit of a show stopper for us right now.

Example here shows both the options for “age” and “expertise”, while the linked record field in Airtable is actually restricted to the “expertise only” view

Most logical solution and ideal solution would be Softr honoring the “restrict linked records to a view” fields setting we’ve setup in Airtable itself.

Hey @J_1,

It’s an improvement which is in our future plans. Still cannot mention any estimation, we should think of a better implementation plan.

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Thnx for the quick response. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Hi Suzie, can our developer edit the code to make these linked records accessible/usable in the Softr portal?

Hey @mscroggin,

I am not sure if this can be done really, this is something our development team is struggling to find a solution.

I will make sure to keep posted once we have an update on this.

@J_1 By “restrict linked records to a view” do you mean Airtable’s view ?

@artur Yes exactly, when pointing the Softr to below Airtable field, which is a Linked Records field pointing to the Groups table and restricted/limited to the view ‘:brain:Expertise’ (screenshot 1), Softr provides all records from the :people_hugging:Groups table as options in the edit modal. But 37,38,39 shouldn’t been available/shown as options when limited to the :brain:expertise view (screenshot 2)

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