Edit Record: Customize Popup and Performance Improvements

We have a page that represent a user “Profile”. A user profile consist of a lot of data. Therefore, we segregated the page to be consisting of about 7 different sections of the “List Page” block with 3 columns. In our usecase, users sign up with a Softr email and password, and after they arleady have a user, they can add data to their user by going to the profile page and editing the appropriate section.

We segregated the sections with custom user group for each section. If we were to have all the 7 sections under the same Edit Permission, the edit popup will be huge and scrollable too long.

Please see the image:

In the image, we can see 2 sections out of the many other sections, which are:

  • Basic Contact Details
  • Medical Status

As you can see in the following image, a user can edit the section and would only see the fields that belong to this section:

The current feature that would be helpful:

  • We need to improve the loading time of the edit record popup and the performance after tapping on the save button.
  • The edit record pull the titles from the Airtable fields name. Sometimes, want to explain the user what they need to do. It forces us to create long titles in Airtable in order for the Front-end in Softr to show something logical. For example:

This title don’t tell the user a lot when it comes to what data the user should input. The title is a mirror of our Airtable field name. It would be helpful if we can customize the Edit Record to be able to provide some hint to the user as to what we expect him to enter.

Lastly, a bug fix:

  • Naming some fields with special characters like semicolumns (") will cause the edit record popup to load forever. It is a difficult bug to diagnose unless contacting the Softr support

Couldn’t have said it any better. We’ve run into the same issues.
One to add:

When giving the user edit permissions for a “linked records” field that has been limited to a certain view on the linked table, Softr still gives ALL the record options from the linked table (this should be only the ones we restricted it to by selected view).


Yes, In my case I have had the need to rename airtable fields to make more sense when editing records via pencil icon.

It is harder to process a workaround when you are targeting more than one language inside your app.

We may have an alternative to editing records with the release of action buttons and probably we could have more control over the user experience.

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If I have understood correctly, you are also coming up against an issue that I have found: the edit modal will display all of the user’s editable fields, even when the fields are not displayed in the block being edited.

I have created a work-around that works for my use-case, but I appreciate it may be too cumbersome for many Softr implementations, I think it is also what the original post from @ob95 describes, am I correct?

I have created multiple user groups, all containing the same users (user-type allocated in an Airtable field), and I have created multiple Edit permissions - one per user group (named in the same format e.g. User group: manager-edit-location, Edit permission: manager-edit-location) and in each Edit permission I set only a limited number of editable fields (in this case, the single field ‘Location’). This way, when I make a dynamic block and its (limited) data visible to a Manager, I choose the corresponding Edit Permission so that the modal contains only that single editable field and keeps things neat-and-tidy.

I’m very keen to know if there is a better way than this, but for now, this has improved my user’s experience and my own satisfaction :slight_smile:

Yes Mark, I did exactly the same. Before that there were too many editable fields, so limiting it improved the user experience.
What you really are requesting is limiting specific field permissions for blocks. The current workaround is a little tricky, but it works with no side effects. I think for a no-code platform, considering how difficult I think it would have been without Softr, this is totally ok for now, but it can be a nice-to-have future feature.

This post is more about issues that have no workarounds, as far as I am aware at the moment

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