Edit in List Block

Hi Softr Community, I am relatively new to Softr and I’m trying to set up multiple applications for my Airtable users. I see what they do using views in Airtable and I would like to try to duplicate that functionality. One that has me stumped is allowing them to edit inside a List Block, without needing to hit a button for List Details and open another page.

They would like to scroll through a list of records in a List Block and change the values of some of the fields displayed as content right in the list. In looking at the descriptions of blocks, I don’t see how this is possible. Is there another way to do this - maybe with a table?

Thanks in advance!

The only service that I know with this functionality is retool.

But there is also a lot of expectation in softr community for live edits in the tables block.

Thanks for letting me know. Let’s hope Softr adds that functionality.

I vaguely remember seeing a custom code snippet a while back, where someone created a table that you could update cells in realtime but I can’t find the post. It may have been by @danyalamriben, I’ll let you know if I find it (hopefully it wasn’t a dream).

Haha I wish I could say you weren’t dreaming, but I don’t think I have any tricks for this!

It sounds like you would be able to get the closest functionality by using the table block, and then configuring an action button that will open edit modals with the fields that users would want to edit. It’s an extra click (to open edit modal) but frankly I prefer it in my opinion. This doesn’t require opening list details page in order to edit and you can do the same for list blocks.

Editing a cell inside rows in excel is pretty challenging if you have a large spreadsheet… I always wish I could just expand the row to display as a form that I can scroll through fields (coulmns) vertically, so softr’s edit modal isn’t so bad. It’s just a little less efficient in the sense that you have to open the modal to edit a field vs clicking directly into a cell.

@nocodeking it is possible you are thinking of the automation workaround I built for updating a value for several items at once? (my usecase was for our lab staff that mark 100-200 pieces of equipment with new calibration date for their location) It is possible I’ve misunderstood what the OP is requesting here, so let me know if I’m way off LOL