Easy way to classify non-subscribed users

Is there a way to have a user group that is just
“logged-in users with no stripe subscription”?

I have quite a lot of Stripe products based on company size, and it’s easy to forget to add a price for the non-paying users. Currently, my “Free User” = logged in user who doesn’t have any of these 20+ subscriptions.

Hey Tim. Have you tried setting the user group condition to “subscription”, “is none of”, then selecting all of your subscriptions? Perhaps, this could be your free user group by process of elimination?

Hey Ben,
That’s what I’m doing currently, but it’s a looot of subscriptions and if I add a price or a new subscription I need to adjust it every time in both user groups and add the new price with all billing cycles. I was hoping for a ‘Stripe Subscription is not empty’ or so.

Yes. Having many products using user group subscriptions is a limitation of Softr.
You have to integrate with automations and/or create a sophisticated backend out of your database.

Neither of which is "as simple as Legos":wink:

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Yea, I would love to just have the option “stripe subscriptions is empty” and stripe subscription is not empty - that would solve it for me.

Hi Tim, I see your point. Unfortunately, there isn’t any other way to set up Free User Group than using automation or the way you do it. Though, let me add this message as a feature request so the team considers improvements for this kind of use-cases :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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