Dynamically adding Dropdown elements

Hi ,

For my current application, I need a Softr Form Dropdown to have dropdown items to reflect a specific Linked record column in Airtable.

I don’t think we have that as of the moment? (Please do correct me if I’m wrong)

I desperately need this functionality, so I’m leaning on programmatically adding in the dropdown options my self via JS (if that’s even possible)? I know there are Custom Events in JS that I can utilize but I can’t seem to find a complete documentation on where those are, just searching Community posts by @artur .

Not sure if I understood correctly but you can map a form drop-down field, to your linked records field column in airtable.

Hi @acjnas thanks for taking the time!

More context:
My table structure is:

  Cost Center 
     |---> Has MANY `Activities`
     |---> Has MANY of `Work Sessions`
                  |---> Has Many `Work Session Logs`
                                |--> Has lookup of `Activities` via Work Sessions via Cost Center

I have 2 problems that arise due to this structure:
I need the list of Linked Activities listed in the Work Session Log record, to be the listed in the dropdown in my form.
My form is connected natively in Softr to Work Session Logs. But I’m guessing since the relationship is 2 levels deep Softr doesn’t support that?

My other problem is even if I simplified the relationship as a proof of concept:

And it shows up on Softr, Softr shows all POSSIBLE activities.I want a prefiltered set of choices (by virtue of the Activities column).

Any tips?

Depending on the number of options you need to filter, it is good to know that softr will respect the ‘limit by view’ option in airtable when using linked records.

For some users, this can fix part of the limitation of having a real filter in softr studio.