Dynamic URL showing as %7B%7D instead of the actual RecordID

Hi all,

I think I might be going mental but I had this whole page set up but it has since stopped working today. I have set up Airtable column called Identifier (I called it ID before, now I’m trying to debug this) where there is a RecordID per user created.

I then set up a button called where they will lead to a page called /short-profile where this page will show that unique page of that RecordID.

For example, I have this link https://app.taga.club/short-profile?recordID=recVATST76xPH1R35 and I set up the link (open a page) as /short-profile?recordID={Identifier}

For some reason, this is resulting in this format (instead of the actual link as per example above) https://app.taga.club/short-profile?recordID=%7BIdentifier%7D What is this %7B%7D and why is this happening?? I didn’t have this yesterday! :frowning:

Thank you


The %7B and %7D refers to { and }

short-profile?recordID={Identifier} directly comes from Airtable (a formula field)? Or did you add it staticly in the button url option?

Hi! Yeah so I put the URL on the button as per below and the Identifier is a formula of RECORD_ID() from Airtable. I haven’t changed anything yet and this might actually be a bug though not sure from which source. It literally worked last night and it just stopped working.

In order to make it work, the url should come from a formula field in Airtable.

The formula should be like this (just copy paste)


Then you use this new field to open the right page with the item details button.

Oh my god I’man idiot. Thank you so much!

No problem, now you know! :wink: