Dynamic Lists - Conditional Filter Logic on Numeric Fields

Use case is Real Estate Rental business
Filtering by Bedrooms Bathrooms Price

Currently a user that would want a MINIMUM of 3 bedrooms (Bedrooms Numeric Field rule>=3)
MINIMUM of 2 bedrooms (Bathrooms Numeric Field rule >= 2)
Budget of 1500 or less per month. (Price Numeric Field <= 1500 )

Ideally a price RANGE filter would be amazing (Min Value Max Value)

Currently we have to allow multiple choices on bedrooms and bathrooms and then just sort by price ascending. There is really no easy way to filter on price since the price fields have 400 unique prices over 1,000 properties which makes it impossible to make as a dropdown or tag filter from a UI standpoint)

Also since there is no way to RE-SORT list by bedrooms or bathrooms ASC/DESC so the user has to scroll through lots of properties that are essentially “under priced” since it is locked into price ascending sort.


Conditional logic like with Tally forms is a must have, I’m really waiting for it for my business but I believe it is under development at Softr

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Adding my +1 here. Has anyone figured out a viable workaround? I could see how formula fields or views in Airtable might work in some limited cases (basically hardcoding the criteria in), but what if each user provides a favorite number and I want a filter to only show records that are greater than that number?

any update on this ?