Dynamic Header Based on User's Visible Content

It would be great to have a dynamic header that would automatically populate pages/subpages based on user access to those pages. Right now we have had to divide our users into groups and then create individualized headers manually for each group.

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The approach you applied is the most realistic one. We don’t yet have element level conditions

Along with this great point, if you’re attempting to make an app with many user types you’re limited to the amount of different headers. I’ve tried. The last time I checked it was around 12-15. After that, Softr’s interface displays your blocks and content in a jumbled formation.

Hi @Ben 12-15 is a lot of user groups :slight_smile: can you pls share a screenshot on how it gets jumbled ?

Sorry Artur. I tried this last year. I deleted those headers a long time ago and settled for less headers along with less user groups. My permissions were getting too complicated anyway.

I have 16 headers on this app and it functions without an issue.

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Nice! How many user groups?

Hi Artur. Until “Dynamic Headers” are developed, perhaps improving the fixed headers feature could help users. If the selected link on a fixed header was highlighted upon selection, when users scroll down the page they can easily refer back to the highlighted link in the header to remind them which link on the header they selected.

We have 15 user groups. There is one generic header for non-logged-in visitors and then there are 15 possible headers (one for each group) for logged-in visitors.